My 17 Favorite Albums of 2017

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Here we go, I’ve finally finished my list of 17 favorite albums of the year. This has taken so much time for me to finish, let alone set the time aside to work on it. My job requires me to sit on my laptop all day and I sometimes find it hard to get inspired and work on posts after a work day, but I promised myself to get this posted today! I hope you enjoy and maybe even find a new alum that you enjoy. I have attached a playlist at the bottom that features my favorite three tracks from each album. Happy December! I’m ready for another great year of new music.

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My 100 Favorite Songs of 2017


Hi guys! I’ve spent a lot of time crafting this playlist and I’m super excited to share it with you all! In 2015, my list was 50 songs long. Last year, my list was 75 songs long. I knew that it had to be longer this year based on how much AMAZING music that was released this year. My music taste really is all over the place and although I tend to listen to a certain type of music over others, I think creating this list really showcases how my taste is NOT refined at all (even though I tend to think it is).

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New Music Sunday – 11/19/17

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Hi guys! I’ve decided to do a weekly blog post every Sunday with a bit of a round-up with some of my favorite songs that I’ve heard during the week. I think that Sunday suits best because so much new music comes out on Fridays – and writing about it the same day it comes out doesn’t really give me time to soak up the music and digest it. I’m not really going to limit this post to a certain number of songs – weeks can be SUPER hit or miss in terms of whether or not I’m feeling music that was released that week. Here we go!

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Eight Artists to Watch in 2018


As weird as it sounds, 2017 is quickly coming to an end – and I honestly can’t be more excited to start the new year. 2017 was weird in general – I graduated college and started “real life,” I moved home, started working full time and had a lot of personal crises about the state of our world. I definitely started questioning whether or not it was worth my time continuing to write and create things to share with the world, but I knew that letting that go would just make me unhappy.

I think that 2017 was a great year for art, I continuously find myself being extremely inspired about new music, television and movies – but I think that I’m ready to look towards what’s next (but be sure to keep looking out for my 2017 Music Recap posts).

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10 New Songs to Listen To From The Past Week

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The idea of writing about new releases came to me after I had been struggling with writers block – it’s a weird time of the year to constantly find new topics to write about, since I already wrote about upcoming album releases (here), upcoming shows in Chicago (here) and my favorite albums to listen to during the fall (here). It’s far too early in 2017 to write about my favorite albums of the year – although the draft has been worked on.

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