Show Review: Wallows Successfully Reinvent The Boyband Trope

The 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie (or DCOM) Pixel Perfect was about a group of teenagers whose band was struggling to find success and who could barely pull an audience in their local bowling alley. One of the bandmates’ friends and #1 supporter comes up with the idea to create a hologram namSued Loretta to become the lead singer of the band, with hopes that she would encapsulate what they thought the audience wanted to see and fall in love with. You may be wondering where I’m going with this…


Show Review: Bad Suns Bring The Heat In The Middle of a Chicago Snowstorm

I became truly obsessed with music as a high school student. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I was constantly trying to get my parents to let me go to a concert downtown or drive myself to a show at an arena on the weekends. While they were pretty lenient with my passion, they also did not allow me to venture out into concert venues that doubled as bars very often, especially never on weeknights.

Show Review: Foreign Air Are Natives To Success Onstage and Online

In a world where millions of songs from millions of musicians around the globe are available to stream at your fingertips, how are musicians hitting high streaming numbers, building strong fanbases and creating a sustainable income to make a living? The formula to getting it right seems nearly impossible – and those of us who are not the best in the math department (cough cough, me) it seems like attempting to hit it big as a musician is a shot in the dark nowadays. But despite the odds, there ARE lots of musicians who are finding their niches in the industry – but that can bring positives and negatives.

Show Review: Sasha Sloan Captivates Effortlessly In An Era of Distraction

The first time I heard the song “Royals,” I was sitting shotgun in my older sister’s Jeep with my window down, just a couple blocks away from my home. It started playing on the radio (unfortunately the specific station has escaped me at this point) and my sister and I were completely intrigued by the song. “Royals” was released in June of 2013, just a month or so after I graduated high school and leading into my last summer before I started college. The song was unlike anything else I had ever heard and it came at such a turning point in my 18-year-old life.

Show Review: Better Oblivion Community Center Prove Misery Loves Company

Charles Manson was the first person I was truly ever obsessed with. While I don’t particularly identify with being creepy or having interests that tend to concern others, my timid fascination with this specific cult leader has spiraled into a full on interest into true crime as I get older.

Show Review: The Aces Continue To Win At Their Own Game

Let’s be honest – anyone who tries to claim that they have loved a musician or band since the start of their career are inherently annoying. Being a fan of someone at the start of their career doesn’t mean you’re better than a fan who discovered someone’s music five minutes ago, even though that’s usually hard to admit for us self-identifying music snobs (I’m working on it). 

Show Review: Lily & Madeleine’s Let Emotions Prevail During Triumphant Return To Chicago

February’s Artist Of The Month went to duo Lily & Madeleine – midwestern sisters whose folk pop harmonies have successfully created a dedicated fanbase over the past few years, thanks to a handful of national tours and a fourth studio album, Canterbury Girls, which was just released last month on February 22. You can read my interview with the sisters here.