March Madness – Every Show in Chicago Worth Checking Out Next Month

Can you believe we’re already onto the second month of 2019? It feels as though I was just creating one of these posts for shows to check out in the Fall of 2018 (here) but there’s already a ridiculous amount of amazing shows hitting Chicago next month alone that I wanted to highlight.

Note that a lot of these shows land on the same day (Can I live March 6 multiple different times so I can go to each show in Chicago that day?) so you have a TON to choose from. I should be attending at least 1/3 of these shows (my confirmed shows are noted with a *, potential shows I am covering with a +), maybe I will see you there!

This list ranges from pop to rock to R&B to COUNTRY (!!) to electronic – I know there is something for every preference and cool to recognize how diverse Chicago’s music scene is.


61st GRAMMY Awards: Nominations & Predictions

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The GRAMMYs air on Sunday, Feb. 10th this year – a bit later than last year’s ceremony (Jan. 28). While lots of people believe that the awards show really doesn’t matter in the industry, it’s still super fun to participate in award season and come up with your own predictions in regards to who is going to win what.

My 2019 Music Guide: Anticipated Releases & Wish List

Another year is here and I’m so excited to start it off with a bang! Below are a handful of album releases I’m excited to check out this year, along with my wish list of artists who I hope release music this year. Not many of them are complete shots in the dark, and if it’s doubtful, I’ve explained my reasoning as to why it IS possible for said artist to release something this year.

The 12 Best Performances I Saw in 2018

As 2018 is coming to a close – finally – I decided to share one more “year end” post on the blog: my favorite performances of 2018. I shared one of these last year (click here) but I wanted to do 12 instead of 10 just to include a couple more. Last year, I saw 95 performances and this year I ended up seeing 98. I wanted to get to 100, but alas. Hopefully I can get to 100 in 2019.

My Top 18 Albums of 2018

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While all of the big outlets have already shared their Top Albums lists, I’ve been sifting through my own picks trying to order them as best as I can. I found this process to be a lot easier last year, but it was also a lot harder to choose a top 5 since there was so much amazing music that came out last year. This year was definitely not as good for music (in my opinion) but there’s still a ridiculous amount of amazing tunes that came out this year.

My 118 Favorite Songs of 2018

The end of the year is always fun for music writers to craft their “best of” lists – and I’m starting mine today! While I know that I’m taking a chance on releasing this list with a month left into the year, I’m pretty sure that the list of my favorite songs that I’ve heard this year isn’t going to change. If you take a special look at this, you will notice that there’s multiple songs by the same artist on this list: this means they’re ending up on The Top 18 Albums of 2018 list I’m still finalizing (list is complete – order, not so much).

10 Shows To See in Chicago This Fall

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Happy (unofficial) start of fall! This is my favorite time of the year for many reasons but mostly because so many fall tours are announced on top of new music releases that close out the year. I’ve done posts like this for the past two years (you can check them out below) and knew I had to do it again since there are SO many shows I am dying to check out this fall. I definitely won’t be able to make all of them just cause that’s #expensive but I will be trying my hardest to see as many of these shows as possible.