Fall 2018 Playlist

welcomelittle one!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already fall of 2018…this year completely flew by.  Fall is probably my favorite time of the year in general and for music…I think it brings a completely different vibe to things and it’s my favorite time of the year to create playlists for. With that being said…here is the start to my Fall 2018 playlist! It still feels like summer in Chicago but September is unofficially the start of fall to me.

The artists featured with an asterisk next to their name mean they’re touring in Chicago this fall (as of now. Obviously these things get announced all the time so by the time you are reading there will likely be more scheduled).

You can follow the playlist on Spotify here.


Summer 2018 Playlist

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Hey all!

I noticed that a few people have been recently viewing my Summer 2017 playlist so I figured it was time to share the beginning of my Summer 2018 playlist. Like I say with these posts, it’s always a work in progress so I can try to update this in a few weeks once the playlist gets longer. It’s hard to get inspired and discover new music when it’s gloomy outside (Chicago has had pretty chilly weather over the last few days) but I know this playlist will continue to grow once we have long-term sunshine.

I’ve been really busy with work and hope to get my Taylor Swift review up soon. I have a few shows coming up so we’ll see how I end up formatting my reviews. Keep an eye out!

Spring 2018 Playlist

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As I type this, it’s snowing outside. So as much as I want it to be spring, I guess we’re just not there yet. However, it was time to start a new playlist, as my winter playlist racked up over 16 hours of music and I needed a new outlook.

To make this post more relevant to my Chicago-based readers, I put an asterisk next to artists that have upcoming shows here.

Two stars mean they’re playing Lollapalooza.

You can follow this playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

Fall 2017 Playlist


Even though I love making playlists at the start of each new season, I think that there’s something extra special about crafting the perfect fall playlist. I know for me personally, there have been albums released in the fall over the years that are very important to me and have become quintessential fall albums (I’m thinking about doing a post on this – if you’re into it, let me know).

Summer 2017 Playlist


One of my favorite things about summer is all the new, fun, exciting jams that are perfect for the warm weather. I’ve had a lot of luck this time around with having a really easy time finding new music that I like to make this playlist grow into something huge!

I’ve also posted my summer playlists two years in a row (this being the third), so this is a fun tradition for me. Click these links to check out my 2015 and 2016 playlists.