New Music Sunday – 11/26/17

Lesson 2.8

In case you missed it – last Sunday I introduced a new series on my blog where I highlight some new music that I’ve been digging over the previous week. There’s no real set up to this, it just depends on the amount of music that I’ve been digging. Enjoy!

Side note: This was originally going to be music that was released over the previous week (so this would have been November 19 through the 26) but that’s too limiting so I’m just doing it however I feel like.

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New Music Sunday – 11/19/17

Lesson 2.8

Hi guys! I’ve decided to do a weekly blog post every Sunday with a bit of a round-up with some of my favorite songs that I’ve heard during the week. I think that Sunday suits best because so much new music comes out on Fridays – and writing about it the same day it comes out doesn’t really give me time to soak up the music and digest it. I’m not really going to limit this post to a certain number of songs – weeks can be SUPER hit or miss in terms of whether or not I’m feeling music that was released that week. Here we go!

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