New Music Sunday – 7/14/2019

I did most of this in the car in the notes app on my phone so I hope my readers are appreciative! Apologies for the later post, I was out of town all weekend.


New Music Sunday – 7/7/2019

Happy July! We’re over halfway through 2019 – can you believe? This week’s New Music Friday playlist was shorter than usual due to the holidays but there were still some great songs released – and I actually like some of Ed Sheeran’s music! That hasn’t happened since 2014.

New Music Sunday – 6/30/2019

Happy Pride Weekend in Chicago! That’s a reason why this post is going up so late – but it’s also because my laptop won’t turn on and I fear that it’s dead beyond repair.

I’ve shortened the post to include 10 of my favorite songs from this week – you can see all of them on the weekly playlist here. That way you can see this post sooner since I’m publishing it so late.