10 Upcoming Shows To See In Chicago


Hello again! I’m back with a new post about some upcoming performances in Chicago that I think are worth checking out. I’ve narrowed it down to ten for the sake of clarity and I tried to keep the shows upcoming in February and early March. I will definitely do another post for shows coming once Spring is finally here since there’s always new shows in Chicago worth talking about.

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Show Review: Yoke Lore Shines at Schubas


My first show of 2018 came and went in just about an hour. I ventured to Schubas Tavern – a small bar in Lakeview whose back room has a capacity of just 165 – to see one of my favorite rising acts of the moment, Yoke Lore. Adrian Galvin, the brains behind the operation – had a busy 2017. He toured with acts like Aquilo and Overcoats, released his second EP, Good Pain, and even had a debut performance at SXSW last March. Despite his past projects performing in Walk The Moon and Yellerkin, Galvin seems most at home performing under Yoke Lore.

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The Ten Best Performances I Saw in 2017


I had some hefty goals for myself in 2017 in regards to documenting my music experiences. It first started with me writing a review on every show I went to – which unfortunately became insanely demanding based on how many shows I actually ended up seeing this year – you will understand this once you see how many I actually went to.

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B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash

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I was super excited to get tickets to Jingle Bash this year because, well of course, Taylor Swift was headlining. Swift has never done a radio concert performance like this in Chicago – and she’s only doing three other ones across the country during this holiday season, so I knew that I had to jump at the chance.

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Lollapalooza 2018 Predictions & Rumors


I know that a lot of people think this is WAY too early to be starting a list…but I actually started my predictions list earlier last year (you can read the post here). I only recently just started paying attention to rumors and I get the majority of my info from Reddit – as well as guesses that I’ve come up with on my own. I think guessing headliners is a lot trickier compared to being able to place the undercards – since Lollapalooza changed their format to four days in 2016, it’s fairly easy to guess the majority of an undercard if you’re as into music as I am.

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A Guide to My Favorite Music Venues in Chicago…and Their Neighboring Bars


A lot of people ask me about the music scene in Chicago and I’m hoping that this post can be used as a guide that people can return to in order to learn more about the unique music venues in Chicago. I feel like I’ve been to so many of them (I’ve been to all of the ones I’ve listed below except one), and it’s awesome that the city is so massive that I probably won’t ever actually get to every single venue.

I have been working on this blog post for awhile, but I had so many ideas for it that I needed time to really draw out how I wanted it to go. Thank you to those who voted on my Twitter and Instagram polls on what you wanted to see: it helped so much!

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Red Bull Sound Select Presents 30 Days in Chicago


At the end of August, Red Bull Sound Select announced that they would be bringing 30 Days of Live Music to Chicago this fall, with performances from up and coming performers of all genres. Some big names set to perform include Migos, Khalid, Kehlani and many more. Chicago natives Whitney, Noname, and Eryn Allen Kane are also slated to perform at their own shows.

Last year, Red Bull Sound Select brought this event to Los Angeles, where artists like Pusha T, HAIM, Jhené Aiko, Charli XCX, Aurora and more were on the bill.

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