My Picks For Must-See Lollapalooza Aftershows

We’re less than two months away from Lollapalooza…which is wild to think about. The official list of aftershows were released this week (with more to come) and though I’m always interested in the artists that are performing and could easily find more than one show to attend, there are always only a handful that I think are truly worth attending. 


The Most Painful Scheduling Conflicts at Lollapalooza 2019

The Lollapalooza 2019 schedule is finally here after what seems to feel like a chaotic mess of a rollout for this year’s festival. Tickets have still not completely sold out and the promotors waited nearly a month to release 1-day tickets after 4-day passes took extremely slow to sell (they have not sold out yet).

Five Chicago Summer 2019 Music Festivals Worth Your Attention

It’s hard to believe that summer is around the corner in Chicago when the high was 45 degrees and cloudy today. But if we’re patient, it will come!

I decided to do this post a bit earlier this year cause I’m needing some summer inspiration to get me through this second winter that Chicago seems to have every year. There are lots of other summer festivals worth checking out like Mamby On The Beach and Wicker Park Fest, but the lineups for those still aren’t released! It seems like everything is behind this year.

20 Acts To See at Lollapalooza 2019

Another Lollapalooza is (almost) here and I can’t believe I’m saying that I’m attending all four days AGAIN! I definitely thought it would be the end of going all weekend last year but I mean it this time when I say it’s probably the last of the four days for me. Although Lolla and music festivals in general are definitely a splurge, I can rationalize spending $395 on four days of music over $160 on one day. It’s so wild to me that going for two days (purchasing two one day passes) costs $320 and paying $75 more gets you in for TWO MORE DAYS! So I will either continue to go for four or only go to one…maybe I can convince Lollapalooza to start selling 2-day passes?

5 Takeaways From This Year’s Pitchfork Lineup

This year’s Pitchfork Music Festival lineup officially dropped this morning and I have a lot of thoughts on it. I have been spying on the Pitchfork Reddit Thread over the past couple weeks watching people contemplate who they thought were this year’s headliners. Though there were lots of names being thrown out, I was definitely convinced that a couple artists would be there over others – some who did and did not actually make the lineup.

Show Review: TNK Fest With LaLa LaLa and Snail Mail

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Tomorrow Never Knows came and went in a blink of an eye and it was a great way to kick off my live shows of the new year. You can read more about this local festival in my blog post here. While it’s obvious that every artist on the lineup for TNK fest are worthy, I was definitely most excited to check out LaLa LaLa and Snail Mail.