5 Takeaways From This Year’s Pitchfork Lineup

This year’s Pitchfork Music Festival lineup officially dropped this morning and I have a lot of thoughts on it. I have been spying on the Pitchfork Reddit Thread over the past couple weeks watching people contemplate who they thought were this year’s headliners. Though there were lots of names being thrown out, I was definitely convinced that a couple artists would be there over others – some who did and did not actually make the lineup.


Show Review: TNK Fest With LaLa LaLa and Snail Mail

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Tomorrow Never Knows came and went in a blink of an eye and it was a great way to kick off my live shows of the new year. You can read more about this local festival in my blog post here. While it’s obvious that every artist on the lineup for TNK fest are worthy, I was definitely most excited to check out LaLa LaLa and Snail Mail.

A Guide To Chicago’s Summer Music Festivals

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Summer is right around the corner – despite the fact that we’ve had gloomy, chilly weather for months and shows no signs of slowing down. I’m getting excited for the sunshine with a post featuring some of the best Chicago music festivals happening this year: it’s truly amazing how many there are and how cheap (or free) a lot of them are! I haven’t been to all of these festivals: just about half, I’d say, and I’m excited to check more out this year.

Below are eight different festivals you should check out (eight for 2018) including lineup highlights and pricing information. Enjoy!

The Most Painful Scheduling Conflicts at Lollapalooza


The Lollapalooza schedule is here! Have you looked at it? It’s a hot mess. Not only because there are so many acts that I want to see that are inevitably performing at the same time, but also because the brains behind Lollapalooza decided to drop the lineup exclusively to the festival’s app – and it’s just physically painful to look at.

5 Things To Take from This Year’s Lollapalooza Lineup


If you’re no stranger to my blog, you know that I focus a lot of my free time on Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival. I’ve written countless posts on my experiences at the festival as well as numerous posts predicting the lineup.

After attending the festival for the fifth time in 2017, I found myself wondering if I would come back for another 4 days. I was beyond exhausted and ready to head back to the real world where I could make my own meal and go to the bathroom in anything but a port-a-potty. But who am I kidding? I knew the second that rumors started flying, I would be back for the sixth year.