Ten Shows To See This Fall Under $25


A lot of people tend to ask me how I can afford going to as many shows as I do – and my response is always that nearly every show I go to costs less than $25. Sure, I will splurge on a few shows here and there, but the majority of them tend to be pretty affordable.

Chicago has a fantastic music scene and we have so many venues, I am honestly never bored and it’s amazing that this is the city I get to spend my college years in.


Fall Music Preview


The fall is an exciting time for me for a few reasons, and the fact that it’s a popular time for new music to be released is probably why it’s my favorite season.

I asked my Twitter followers if they would rather read a post about fall music releases or fall tours, and releases barely won. On the bright side, all of the artists that I am writing about in this post will be playing shows in Chicago this fall!

I’ve rounded up a few album releases that I am looking forward to, along with a couple artists that I’m hoping to drop an album on a whim.