Golden Globes 2017


The 74th Annual Golden Globes kicked off on Sunday, January 8 with a huge number of films and television shows featured throughout the night. While these sorts of award shows rarely present themselves as anything but predictable, this year’s event was interesting enough just for the wide range of people, experiences, and stories represented.

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Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards Brings Positivity to a Tough Week


Only six days after the presidential election that kickstarted a whirlwind of emotions felt across the country, the world has continued to (madly) spin on. Glamour Magazine’s 26th annual Women of the Year awards took place last night in Los Angeles and reminded us of all of the positive things happening around the globe.

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Oscar 2016: Who Won and Who Wore What

Oscar Sunday.png

Oscar Sunday: A night that many of us pop culture enthusiasts will stay up late for. While many Americans plan one Sunday a year around something very  much different (The Superbowl), the rest of us clear our schedule for this annual event. I can’t say that I enjoy The Oscars more than The Grammys, but this year’s Oscars was definitely much more bearable to watch than the Grammys.

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The 2016 Grammys: Hits and Misses

2016 Grammys_-2.png

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am a sucker for award shows. Particularly music based award shows! Most of the time, said shows let me down in regards to entertainment and quality of the performances, and the 2016 Grammys were most definitely full of letdowns and a few nice surprises.

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Golden Globes 2016 – Red Carpet Standouts


This year, I feel like I haven’t seen as many of the TV shows or movies that have been nominated for Golden Globes. Therefore, I have invested my time in investigating the red carpet looks. I have to admit, I had a hard time picking my favorite looks since I thought so many people looked amazing! Here are my favorite standout looks from the 2016 Golden Globes.

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2015 Video Music Awards

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So, as you all know, I love a good award show (despite the fact that award shows are never good). I love keeping up with every terrible joke, awkward stumble, and mediocre performance that takes place at the various award shows throughout the year. However, none of these shows quite live up to the mess that is the Video Music Awards.

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