Fall Music Preview


The fall is an exciting time for me for a few reasons, and the fact that it’s a popular time for new music to be released is probably why it’s my favorite season.

I asked my Twitter followers if they would rather read a post about fall music releases or fall tours, and releases barely won. On the bright side, all of the artists that I am writing about in this post will be playing shows in Chicago this fall!

I’ve rounded up a few album releases that I am looking forward to, along with a couple artists that I’m hoping to drop an album on a whim.

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Lollapalooza 2016: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Lollapalooza returned to Grant Park to Chicago on July 28-31 with high expectations to exceed. This year was the first year the festival would be held for four days, in honor of its 25th Anniversary.

With an additional day added this year, it was inevitable that it would bring additional chaos. I personally noticed a lot more teenagers flooding the fields of Grant Park this year compared to previous years, as well as a steady flow of attendees in and out of the medical tent. Despite the immense amount of teenagers I had to maneuver around and the ridiculous amount of money I spent on beer, I still had a fantastic time.

Knowing myself, I think I will end up attending all four days again next year, even though going all four days was left me a shell of a human being. I did an after show this year for the first time ever on Saturday night, which was a bit of overkill for me. It made Sunday even more exhausting!

This is a long post, so bear with me.

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Summer Vacation Travel Diary


I just got back from a mini vacation to New York City with a couple of my best friends from high school. My friend, Mitch, had never been, I had been twice, and Nina had visited last summer. It was a fun trip in a few different aspects. 1) We stayed at an Air BnB for our first time, 2) We are all 21 now and 3) We did a mix of touristy things and also found some local gems that we wouldn’t have been able to find without the help of social media.

We stayed in Brooklyn – which ended up being a bit of a hike to get to Manhattan (about a mile walk to the subway, then a 20-45 minute train ride depending on what part of Manhattan you get off at), but saving money to stay in Brooklyn was definitely worth it. I would recommend dealing with the commute to save a ton of money that you would be paying for a hotel.

Below are a few things that we did and what I recommend doing for people who have or have not been to New York City before.

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Tips for a Successful Lollapalooza Weekend


In just a few weeks, I will be headed to Lollapalooza in Chicago for the fourth weekend in a row. My inaugural year was right after I graduated high school (2013) and I went for the entire weekend. In 2014, I went with about 10 other people and we managed to cram ourselves into my tiny, two-bedroom Lincoln Park apartment. It was an adventure, to say the least.

I purchased a three-day pass in 2015 before the lineup was announced, but was disappointed with the overall lineup on Saturday and decided to sell my three-day pass after scoring a one-day to Friday and a one-day to Sunday.

This year, after finding out that the festival was returning with a four-day event in honor of the festival’s 25th Anniversary, I knew that I had to go all four days. After speculating over countless lineup rumors (check out my predictions post here: I was pretty accurate!), I knew that I would definitely be excited about all four days and have been planning the weekend for months now.

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Chicago Music Festivals Worth Checking Out


While Chicago is pretty well known for its music festivals, Lollapalooza still continues to dominate the summer festival season. It’s California’s Coachella and New York’s Governor’s Ball, but it’s still important to branch out and learn more about all of the other exciting music events that the city has to offer.

Below are four Chicago music festivals that I believe are worth checking out, not to mention that they are all pretty affordable compared to Lolla.

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Five All Female Bands To Pay Attention To


Recently, I have been getting into female-driven musical acts. It’s not so much that I don’t like listening to a female sing as much as a male, I just tend to listen to male acts more often. That makes sense, considering that the music industry is very much male dominated.

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