Hey guys! I just wanted to write a quick blog post to share my experience when I got to meet Taylor Swift. So many people have asked me about it and I figured that writing it all out in a post would make it as clear as possible and I can get into details without forgetting anything!


Three Albums by Female Musicians You Should Be Listening to Right Now

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Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. Why, may you ask? Because Tuesday is the day that new albums are officially released to the world. Musicians spend months, sometimes even years, working on their craft to share with their fans, and I find that the moment it’s finally out for the world to cry over, critique, or share is a really special thing that should be taken seriously.

Summer 2015 Playlist

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Although it’s been summer for a lot of college students for the past few weeks, and maybe even months, I write this post sitting in the library at school with an hour to spare before my last final of the school year. I’ve been compiling my favorite feel good summer songs for the past couple weeks and I am so excited to jam to them for the next three months! Below are some of my newest favorite songs to be released from the past couple months as well as some classic, timeless feel good summer songs.

CFDA Awards Recap

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While us Chicagoans are dealing with chilly, 50 degree weather on the first day of June, some of the most powerful men and women in the fashion industry are taking New York by storm last night at the annual CFDA (Or Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Awards at the beautiful Lincoln Center.

The CFDA was founded in 1962 by powerhouse Nicole Lambert, a pioneer for American fashion. The organization is dedicated to the development of future fashion designers and also provides support for current designers.

The CFDA Fashion Awards are considered to be as prestigious as the Oscar Awards in the film industry. Each year, the nominations are submitted by the Fashion Guild, which is made up of over one thousand members who are apart of the fashion community.

Some winners of the night included Tom Ford for Menswear Designer of the Year, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for Womenswear Designer of the Year, Betsey Johnson for Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, and Pharrell Williams for Fashion Icon Award.

Blurryface: Review

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Twenty One Pilots’ newest album, Blurryface, has officially been released for a little over a week. I have been listening to this album basically nonstop since last Tuesday, and have been trying to take in as much of the album as I can.

Listening to new albums, specifically ones that you have been looking forward to hearing for months on end, is always such an exciting experience. Whether or not you end up enjoying the album, it’s still a time of reflection and absorption.

Twenty One Pilots is solely made up of two members, but it doesn’t hold them back. Both hailing from Ohio, the due is known for their original sound, fast rhymes, and intense, upbeat live performances. The band has a dedicated fanbase, who have been awaiting anxiously for the new album.

I have had the opportunity to see Twenty One Pilots live in concert once, and they definitely live up to the hype. Despite only having two bodies onstage, the duo puts on an impressive live show, complete with a lot of flips, a couple masks, and a moment where the band’s drummer, Josh, sets his drum set on a wooden board, held up by the audience. (Watch a video here).

Billboard Music Awards Recap

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I have been counting down the days until the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. I absolutely love award shows and the Red Carpet is definitely my favorite part of the star studded events. I was particularly excited for this year’s show because my girl Taylor Swift was nominated for a whopping 14 awards! Not only was she a big winner tonight, winning 8 of those awards, but she also premiered her new music video for her song “Bad Blood,” which featured an all star celebrity cast. Watch the video here.

Wilder Mind: Review


In high school, I considered Mumford & Sons to be one of my all time favorite music acts. I listened to Sigh No More religiously. I even spent well over $100 on a concert ticket to see the band at the Chicago Theater. Needless to say, they put on a fantastic show, and even almost made me cry during their performance of “Timshel.”

Though Mumford & Sons have been wildly criticized and made fun of for their over the top folk sounding songs and overuse of the word “heart,” I stuck with my favorite band, thrilled to buy their 2012 follow up to Sigh No More, which was titled Babel. The two albums lacked little differences in sound, and just as much overuse of the same words.

Some may argue that they lack originality, but Mumford & Sons create epic sounds for the big stages, and has found immense success in America as well as the rest of the world. Seeing them headline at Lollapalooza 2013 was probably one of my favorite performances I have ever witnessed, and the thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of people surrounding me in Grant Park probably agree.

In September of 2013, the band announced a hiatus with no foreseeable return. Many people were shocked, and I couldn’t help but wonder why they decided to do so. It was arguably the peak of their career, why would they stop then and when did they plan on coming back? I moved on for the time being and anxiously awaited a return.