Spring Break Travel Diary


Last Thursday, I flew to Nashville, Tennessee to spend a few days with my friend, Taylor, from college. She’s from Nashville so I flew home with her for the weekend and we had a great time exploring the city. I’ve been to Nashville twice before this trip, but this visit was particularly fun because we didn’t do all the touristy things: I didn’t even go down Broadway street at all.


16 Artists to Watch in 2016

16 Artists To Watch in 2016.png

Something that I always find super exciting about the start of a new year is all of the new music that will follow! Some may wonder how I manage to find these artists, and the answer is SPOTIFY! I’m definitely not the best human being for using the service, considering these artists barely get paid for any of the streams. But I can’t be too hard on myself, for I am in college and that just comes with being somewhat broke all of the time. Hopefully these musicians will forgive me since I’m giving them some free promo on my blog.

I compiled a list of 16 musicians that I’ve really been into lately. Read on to find out more!

Oscar 2016: Who Won and Who Wore What

Oscar Sunday.png

Oscar Sunday: A night that many of us pop culture enthusiasts will stay up late for. While many Americans plan one Sunday a year around something very  much different (The Superbowl), the rest of us clear our schedule for this annual event. I can’t say that I enjoy The Oscars more than The Grammys, but this year’s Oscars was definitely much more bearable to watch than the Grammys.

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it: Review


Whenever a band with a successful debut album releases their sophomore LP, they’re taking a risk. The risk that they are potentially releasing a second version of their debut: similar vibe, title, and aesthetic, or the risk that comes with completely changing their sound. What if the new sound turns off fans of the initial release? What if staying the same is a disappointment? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’d say that the 1975 took a risk in completely changing their sound, yet still delivered a disappointing album with a few solid songs woven in the mix.

If you’re a huge The 1975 fan and you’re not suddenly interested in ripping my head off, keep reading to see what I think of the second album.

The 2016 Grammys: Hits and Misses

2016 Grammys_-2.png

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am a sucker for award shows. Particularly music based award shows! Most of the time, said shows let me down in regards to entertainment and quality of the performances, and the 2016 Grammys were most definitely full of letdowns and a few nice surprises.