Show Review: Charly Bliss – Pop Music, But Make It Sad

I have to admit, for someone like myself who has an intense passion for music, I’m lousy at trying to define genres or explain to people what someone’s music sounds like. I don’t particularly like to compare musicians to each other in terms of their sound or overall vibe, especially if I’m trying to explain to someone what another artist sounds like and they’ve never heard them before. When it comes down to it, my perception is that attempting to define what an artist sounds like can be limiting.

TLDR: trying to define an artist by genre is really hard and can be misleading!


New Music Sunday – 6/16/2019

Happy Sunday! Taylor Swift released a new song that I don’t hate, let’s celebrate!

Noteworthy EP and Album releases:

Doom Days – Bastille
Mental State – Daniella Mason
Diaspora – GoldLink
Origin – Jordan Rakei
Satis Factory – Mattiel
Meditations – Yoke Lore

Summer 2019 Playlist

Welcome to summer, finally! It’s been long time coming in Chicago, we’re barely at 70 degree days but that means we appreciate them even more when they’re here.

I love creating playlists for the seasons as my mood for what I want to listen to always changes during the different times of the year. This one will definitely continue to grow as more music comes out and this is just the start!

My Picks For Must-See Lollapalooza Aftershows

We’re less than two months away from Lollapalooza…which is wild to think about. The official list of aftershows were released this week (with more to come) and though I’m always interested in the artists that are performing and could easily find more than one show to attend, there are always only a handful that I think are truly worth attending. 

Artist Of The Month: Ryann

I know I probably say this every time, but it’s seriously mind blowing how fast each month and this year has gone by so far! This is already my 5th artist of the month post and each time I’m so excited and honored to share info about an artist I’ve been obsessing over. It’s been amazing being able to chat with these people and I love being able to showcase their work on this blog. I hope you enjoy reading and learning about May’s Artist Of The Month post as much as I enjoyed creating it!