LISTEN: Deconstructing Taylor Swift’s Five Best Songs Across Each Album

Here’s a fun and exciting SURPRISE POST! I decided to continue with my attempt at starting a podcast and the second episode is all about Taylor Swift. It’s crazy that this ended up being published the same week Taylor decided to awake from the dead of her break and decided to start teasing new music. While we wait impatiently, I wanted something else to entertain us.


Show Review: Miya Folick’s Truth Telling And The Importance Of Choosing Your Words Wisely

Michelle Obama and Miya Folick have a lot more in common than you would think. Albeit very different, they are both powerful, successful women creating meaningful conversations around the same ideas of power structures, self-identity, the #MeToo movement and dozens of others.

I wouldn’t have ever thought to make this comparison between these two women, but when Miya revealed at the beginning of her set that she had been listening to Michelle’s audiobook on tour – mentioning that she had felt inclined to share this info since she was in Chicago – I couldn’t help but start a mini list in my head about the similarities they both shared.

12 Pop Songs That’ll Kick Your Butt During A Workout


I’ve been wanting to update my workout playlist post for awhile, but I decided to just do a new post about some of the pop songs I’ve been listening to during my workouts that help me push through. I just recently started training for my second half marathon and my  workout playlist definitely needed a face lift. A few of these are songs that I’ve relied on for my long runs for awhile – some over a year old, and some are new ones that I’ve really enjoyed listening to.

Artist Of The Month: Lily & Madeleine

Artist Of the month.pngSuper excited to share February’s Artist Of The Month! I discovered this artist right before 2018 came to a close and their lead single off of their upcoming album has been in my queue on Spotify quite frequently since. I had the amazing opportunity to ask Lily & Madeleine some questions about their upcoming album & tour. But first, I wanted to share some basic info on the sisters before diving into the Q&A. I hope you walk away from this blog post with brand new musicians to fall in love with!

61st GRAMMY Awards: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The 2019 Grammys came and went in a blink of an eye. As time goes by, we start to see a narrative that winning a Grammy really means nothing, and I probably agree, but it’s still fun to watch and partake in live tweeting.

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