New Music Sunday – 7/14/2019

I did most of this in the car in the notes app on my phone so I hope my readers are appreciative! Apologies for the later post, I was out of town all weekend.


20 Shows To Put On Your Radar in Chicago This Fall

While we’re still deep into the middle of the summer here in Chicago, it’s never too early to start putting fall shows on your radar. I think it’s been decided (at least on my end) that fall in Chicago always has a ridiculous amount of live music and this year is no different!

With the large amount of music venues in the city, it’s easy to lose track of what shows are coming up and where they’re at – so I’ve made it easier for my readers to keep track of the best shows coming up in one place!

Below is a list of 20 shows (yes, it’s a lot) that I think are worth checking out this September and October. There are definitely some gems coming up even later in the year, but I don’t want to overwhelm you all (or myself, honestly). Each show listed below has only ONE sentence as to why I think you should go – and writing just one proved to be harder than I anticipated!

My Favorite Albums & Songs of 2019 – So Far

July 2 marks the official half way point of 2019 and that’s honestly terrifying to admit. I realized that I was too excited about all of the amazing music that’s been released this year already to wait until the end of the year to do a round-up post of my favorite releases – so why not share one at the six month mark?

I don’t want to share these in any particular order because it’s definitely going to fluctuate as the months continue. You can follow my “Best of 2019” playlist here.

New Music Sunday – 6/30/2019

Happy Pride Weekend in Chicago! That’s a reason why this post is going up so late – but it’s also because my laptop won’t turn on and I fear that it’s dead beyond repair.

I’ve shortened the post to include 10 of my favorite songs from this week – you can see all of them on the weekly playlist here. That way you can see this post sooner since I’m publishing it so late.