Show Review: Wallows Successfully Reinvent The Boyband Trope

The 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie (or DCOM) Pixel Perfect was about a group of teenagers whose band was struggling to find success and who could barely pull an audience in their local bowling alley. One of the bandmates’ friends and #1 supporter comes up with the idea to create a hologram namSued Loretta to become the lead singer of the band, with hopes that she would encapsulate what they thought the audience wanted to see and fall in love with. You may be wondering where I’m going with this…


New Music Sunday – 5/19/2019

It’s been one of the best weeks for music in 2019 so far. SO many amazing new albums & singles are out and worth your listen.

Notable EP & album releases:

The Best Of Luck Club – Alex Lahey
Dedicated – Carly Rae Jepsen
Vacation – Frenship
Living Mirage – The Head And The Heart
Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent – Lewis Capaldi
I Am Easy To Find – The National
Igor – Tyler The Creator

The Most Painful Scheduling Conflicts at Lollapalooza 2019

The Lollapalooza 2019 schedule is finally here after what seems to feel like a chaotic mess of a rollout for this year’s festival. Tickets have still not completely sold out and the promotors waited nearly a month to release 1-day tickets after 4-day passes took extremely slow to sell (they have not sold out yet).

Five Chicago Summer 2019 Music Festivals Worth Your Attention

It’s hard to believe that summer is around the corner in Chicago when the high was 45 degrees and cloudy today. But if we’re patient, it will come!

I decided to do this post a bit earlier this year cause I’m needing some summer inspiration to get me through this second winter that Chicago seems to have every year. There are lots of other summer festivals worth checking out like Mamby On The Beach and Wicker Park Fest, but the lineups for those still aren’t released! It seems like everything is behind this year.

Show Review: Bad Suns Bring The Heat In The Middle of a Chicago Snowstorm

I became truly obsessed with music as a high school student. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I was constantly trying to get my parents to let me go to a concert downtown or drive myself to a show at an arena on the weekends. While they were pretty lenient with my passion, they also did not allow me to venture out into concert venues that doubled as bars very often, especially never on weeknights.