NYFW 2016


After contemplating whether or not I should even write a post about New York Fashion Week this year, I knew that I would be completely fawning over the runway shows regardless. So I decided to write a post anyway!

I have recently been straying away from writing about fashion simply because my interest in it has begun to slowly disappear. Despite this, I can’t help but view Fashion Week as a pop culture event, and I can never get enough popular culture.

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Met Gala 2016

Met gala 2016Fashion in the age of technology

The 2016 Met Gala brought a lot of interesting outfit choices: the good, the bad, and the plain old ugly. This year’s theme was “Fashion in the Age of Technology,” a theme that many people decided to stray away from (Blake Lively, you look beautiful, but where is your loyalty to themes?!)

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#Goals, not Resolutions


New Year, New Me, am I right?! Ha.

I am definitely one of those people who rarely follows through with their New Year’s resolution. However, instead of a specific resolution that I would like to focus on, I have created a few different goals that I would have set for myself to work on throughout the year. I believe that these goals are relatively easy for anyone to try, so if you’re interested on how to make some self-improvements, read on!

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