Single Spotlights

Phoebe Bridgers Lends Her Voice to Charlie Hickey’s New Single “Ten Feet Tall”

Up-and-coming indie rocker Charlie Hickey is taking a closer look—both at himself and the world around him— on his new single “Ten Feet Tall.”

The song, a sunny, radio-friendly rock number features lyrics that evoke feelings of accepting reality, growing up, and being on the outside looking in. 

Hickey, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from South Pasadena, first broke through in 2020 with his debut single “No Good at Lying,” a dreamy, introspective folk number. 

“Ten Feet Tall” sees Hickey collaborate once more with current indie-rock queen Phoebe Bridgers, who previously lent her voice to “No Good at Lying.” Both tracks were produced by Bridgers’ bandmate and longtime friend Marshall Vore, who serves as a co-writer on “Ten Feet Tall.”

Listen to “Ten Feet Tall” here.

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