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Clairo, Claud, & Friends Collaborate In New Band Shelly, Hear The First Two Songs Now

While it’s been a minute since Clairo dropped her debut album Immunity, turns out she’s been hard at work in quarantine working on a new project with Claud, Josh Mehling, and Noa Frances Getzug. The four friends and musicians (Mehling and Getzug are college friends of Clairo’s), have come together to release music under the moniker “Shelly,” dropping two songs called “Steeeam” and “Natural.”

Both songs feel familiar to Clairo’s music, reminiscent of her earliest “DIY aesthetic” singles that she made at home in her bedroom. Claud, a Chicago-suburb native (and one of Chicago Haze’s frequently covered musicians), is the first signee to Phoebe Bridgers’ new label, Saddest Factory. Check out their latest single, “Gold,” here.

It’s unclear if these two songs are only the beginning of an unreleased album from Shelly, and it may be determined on how the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic plays out. Clairo wrote on Instagram that the two songs were made across multiple states during quarantine.

Follow Shelly on Spotify here.

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