Iconic Ads from Leo Burnett

When I think of Leo Burnett, two words come to mind: cohesive and iconic. Leo Burnett is quite arguably one of the most impactful, successful, international advertising agencies in the world today, and they show no signs of slowing down.

I had the opportunity to visit the Leo Burnett office here in Chicago when I was a freshman at DePaul. The visit was for my Discover Chicago class, which was all about advertising and how great the city is for the ad agency.

What I most remember about the agency itself was its creative, positive energy that was hard to ignore throughout the offices. I told myself during that visit that I would be more than lucky to ever visit the office again with more than just a tour: but an opportunity to work there as a #LeoIntern.

Below are some of my absolute favorite advertisements that Leo Burnett has created over the past few years for those because they are cohesive and iconic: what I believe to be two extremely important aspects of any successful communications business.

World Wildlife Fund



“Gang Up For Good” Secret Deodorant

Fiat Original parts

– Kristin

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