2015 Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday shopping can get stressful when you have to shop for many different kinds of people. You have your college friends who you might be doing a Secret Santa gift exchange with (shout out to my #squad), shopping for your family, or your best friends from high school. I have compiled a list of gifts that I think would be perfect for anyone in your life and that vary in price. If you’re looking for some shopping inspiration, read on!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

1. Bath Bombs are a great idea for anyone in your life who needs some stress free relaxation and time to themselves. Not only do these come in a variety of colors, styles, and scents, they are perfect stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts. Visit Lush Cosmetics for a number of choices: they have a ton of holiday themed gift boxes like this adorable reindeer one.

2. Blanket Scarves: the best trend of 2015. What more could I ask for? Being comfortable and warm, not to mention being considered stylish. These are popping up everywhere: check out the affordable variety from SheIn. (Side note, this website looks a little questionable, but I’ve had a number of friends who’ve ordered from it who say it’s legit).

3. CONCERT TICKETS! I can think of many concert tickets I would love to score this Christmas (I’m looking at you, Adele). If you are’t sure what your friend is interested in going to, Ticketmaster and Stubhub also sell gift cards.

4. Not many things get me more excited than brand new planners. Brands like Lily Pulitzer and Kate Spade are infamous for their planners: and you can check out your local Target or Barnes and Noble for cheaper alternatives.

5. Lipstick sets are great options for gifts due to the many holiday packages that are created at beauty stores. This Tarte deluxe set is at Ulta and comes with four different lipsticks for $21. Most drugstore lipsticks are an average of $6, so this is a steal in my book.

6. If you can’t tell based on the colors in this gift guide, I’m currently obsessed with Rose Gold. This beautiful water bottle is extremely pricey, but with a bit of snooping, I’m sure avid shoppers can find a cheaper alternative on the web.

7. Candles are the best thing on the planet and are the easiest gift to shop for. This Belk candle is expensive to say the least, so check out the deals going on at Bath & Body Works this weekend.

8. My current makeup brush obsession are these Real Techniques Core Collection makeup brushes. They’re affordable, easy to clean and nice to look at. What more could you want?

9. I’ve never been good at makeup and have not had interest in it until a few months ago. After becoming more interested in eye makeup specifically, I realized how much I want a Naked Palette for Christmas. These are definitely pricey, so look for cheaper alternatives at places like Ulta if you want to save some money but still gift a quality present to a friend. I’m thinking of getting the Naked 2 palette after asking around. If you have a Naked Palette, let me know which is your favorite in a comment below.

10. The dream gift: A new watch. I’ve been really into these Cluse watches recently and would be FLOORED if one of my friends ever got me one. They are definitely out of the budget unless you have millionaires for friends. Nordstrom Rack always has a number of quality watches at their stores.

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