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Not many things get me more excited than Fashion Week. Every year, I find myself sneaking views of the latest runway show during the middle of class, looking through the photos of some of my favorite designer’s shows while simultaneously trying not to cry at the mere sight of this AMAZING artwork!

Writing this post was super exciting for me because it took me over a week to prepare it. I usually don’t have the energy or patience to look through as many designer’s collections, but this year was different. I was so impressed and absolutely blown away by the collections I had seen all week and had a difficult time narrowing it down to my favorite collections that are below.

If you are as passionate about fashion as I am, I hope you enjoy my reviews on these collections!

Thursday, September 10th
Tadashi Shoji
Tadashi Shoji

My favorite thing about Tadashi’s collection is the consistency within the necklines of each piece. I tend to wear this neckline because I have a flatter chest and I like that each outfit above was flattering on the shoulders, which gave the outfits a lot of structure. I am a huge fan of sets like the one on the above right: it gives the collection a more playful side on an overall serious aesthetic.

Friday, September 11th
Idan Chohen
Idan Cohen

I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this collection! The first thing that I immediately thought of when I first saw this collection is the distinct 60’s vibe with the wavy hair and middle part. There is an ease with the clothing that reminds me of the 60’s, and I think that he did a great job of incorporating a different era into his collection without it being too obvious, tacky, or gimmicky (I’m looking at you, Jeremy Scott).

Kate Spade
Kate Spade

I am never one to describe my style as preppy, but I would if it meant i got to wear Kate Spade’s SS RTW collection. I love the minimalist colors that were incorporated into the collection, and it was a perfect look for the up and coming young professional businesswoman. I’m obsessed with the accessories seen above, too!

Saturday, September 12th
Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff

As you all know, my favorite color to wear is black, so it’s obvious that I would be one for Rebecca Minkoff’s collection. The black jumpsuit above is a piece that I will forever be dying to buy. I love the hairstyling, too! Makes me wonder if bangs are coming back in style…

Monique Lhuillier
Monique Lhuillier

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS COLLECTION. It’s clear that I am a bigger fan of more contemporary, wearable looks, but classic in style and shape, and I think that’s exactly how you can describe this collection. It’s fun, sexy, young, and I think every look can be flattering for any body type.

Monday, September 14
PicMonkey Collage
Carolina Hererra

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Carolina Hererra makes me want to wear pink. And I do NOT wear pink, like ever. I am completely obsessed with these three looks above, and I would DEFINITELY wear any of them. The middle one is 150% my favorite look: I love the illusion that it’s a cropped shirt and pant, but once you look closely, you can see that it is in fact one piece. Also, can’t you see Taylor Swift wearing it, or is that just me getting too excited??

Tuesday, September 15
Badgley Mischka

The following statement is not intended to be offensive: Badly Mischka’s collection is made for the stylish soccer mom. Am I the only one who could picture a 30 year old mom strolling up to play tennis in the white romper, attending a fancy gala in the middle ballgown, or simply taking over the world at her job in the pencil skirt? I think not. Badgley, please dress me when I am middle age. Please.

Alice and Olivia
Alice + Olivia

The first thing I thought of when I saw this collection was “year round Coachella.” Guys, it takes a lot for me to say that I would wear any kind of pant that isn’t a skinny leg, but I would rock those white pants every day of the year if I could. This collection makes me want to move to the desert for the rest of my life. I mean, look at that dress…

Wednesday, September 16th
Naeem Cahan
Naeem Khan

Naeem Kahn can do no wrong in my eyes, ever. These looks above are some of the most beautiful things I have EVER seen, and I’d like to think I’ve looked at a lot of runway shows, if not all of them, from this year’s NYFW. From designing pieces for dedicated clients like Taylor Swift, I’ll be on the lookout for some of these pieces on the red carpet in 2016.


Last but most certainly not least, Marchesa. I have two words: absolutely breathtaking. This is without a doubt my favorite collection that I’ve seen at this year’s NYFW and would probably cry tears of joy if I ever got to try one of the three dresses above, or any from this collection for that matter, since choosing 3 looks for this post was nearly impossible. I am obsessed with the first one because it looks like it is shiny and metallic and reminds me of a suit of armor. The middle one reminds me of a dark, haunted forest, and I love the contrast between those two gowns, yet they somehow completely fit with one another. And finally, the third dress above. I am emotional about this dress. All I can say is it’s honestly one of the most gorgeous gowns I have ever seen in my entire life. Please let me wear it forever, Marchesa?



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