May Wish List

May Wish List

 So, it’s finally that time of year where I feel the urge to splurge. Shopping for spring and summer is my favorite time of the year: it’s finally time to pack up the heavy parka with the fur hood (but keep it close, I unfortunately had to dig mine out from under my bed this past weekend), and switch it for a light jacket and if you’re lucky, you can leave the house with no jacket at all!

Even though I do love to shop, I am a college student with only a part time job. Therefore, I am on a college student’s budget. I thought it would be fun to put together a little wish list I have created for myself in hopes for being able to purchase a few of the things on the list within the next month.


Although this crochet top appears to be sold out, something like this is ideal for me to find for this summer! I randomly found it when I opened Polyvore’s homepage and realized how adorable it was. I will definitely keep an eye on the website and see if it gets re-stocked.

Referring to my previous post, you can tell that I’ve got summer music festivals on the brain. I’ve already started looking at possible things to purchase to wear this summer, specifically at Lollapalooza. I was on Zara’s website and stumbled  upon this awesome pair of dungarees which has an awesome detailed back. I’m definitely considering buying this! Not only have I been wanting a pair for the past year or so, but the unique detailing on the back pretty much sealed the deal for me!

I am obsessed with Converse: I have been since I was in middle school. I think I’ve owned about seven different pairs, and ever since I eyed these white leather high tops at the Converse store in Boston last year, I’ve been DYING to splurge on them. I just may do it soon, but the idea of them getting dirty quite quickly is holding me back.

I’ve been looking for a relatively affordable black tote bag like this one from H&M for a few months, and I finally found one. I ended up purchasing this one from a few days ago and I’m so excited to put it to use! I am frequently traveling and it’s a perfect bag to use as a carry-on. I can’t wait until it arrives in the mail.

I am known by my close friends to wear ridiculously large sunglasses, and the ones I wore for about a year or so unfortunately broke last June, so I definitely need to invest in another pair like these. I tend to buy cheaper pairs of sunglasses, and a lot of them, instead of investing in one pair of expensive ones.

I’ve wanted a floppy hat for the past two years. I do not look good in hats because I have an irregularly large head. However, I am finally allowing myself to purchase one like this for the summer, if I find one that fits! Ha.

Amy Poehler is arguably one of my favorite humans ever, and I really need to make a trip to target ASAP to pick up her book, “Yes Please.” I’ve heard from a number of people how wonderful it is, and I need new reading material. Order it online here!

I probably will not invest in a record player until I graduate from college, but I put it on here because I spend way too much time wishing I had one. So in an ideal world, I would be buying one this month!

I am one of those people who wears dark nail polish year round, and I’m really interested in changing up for a bright blue like this color. Unfortunately, NARS is sold out of this color, but I plan on swinging by CVS soon and picking up a similar color soon.

Growing up, I was always using digital cameras so often to the point that I have gone through about four different ones, and I have recently decided to invest in a high quality, basic point and shoot digital camera. I really like taking photos and have always wanted to do it more, but an iPhone camera just isn’t cutting it for me anymore! Check out Amazon for a MASSIVE selection!

And finally, the Yeezus shirt. I can’t explain my passion for this t-shirt, so somebody should buy it for me. But seriously, I don’t know the first thing about rap music, but the Yeezus album changed me. Check out the shirt here.

– Kristin

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