See Your Top Streamed Artists and Songs on Spotify

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Do you ever sit around and wait for those year end reviews on your music applications just to see how many times you streamed “Delicate” by Taylor Swift or the top artists you listened to that year? Same! But thanks to this super easy trick, I can find out my streaming habits instantaneously during anytime of the year.

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New Music Sunday – 6/17/2018


Happy Father’s Day to the dads who read my blog out there. This week gave us SO much new music. I’m sure I’m missing songs that are worthy to be featured solely because there was so much stuff to hear this week.

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Show Review: Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour

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June 1st and 2nd should forever be known as Taylor Swift weekend in Chicago from now on. Last Friday and Saturday nights, Swift took over Soldier Field with her biggest spectacle of a show to date – two sold out nights full of snake references, costume changes and mash-ups of her biggest songs to date. After seeing Swift eight times before the Reputation tour (can you tell I’m a massive fan?) I was prepared to expect the unexpected – even though it was nearly impossible to attend the show spoiler-free with the constant tweets flooding my timeline from fellow fans and update accounts (I could have unfollowed them, but part of me also needs to know everything that’s going on 24/7 during touring season).

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Summer 2018 Playlist

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Hey all!

I noticed that a few people have been recently viewing my Summer 2017 playlist so I figured it was time to share the beginning of my Summer 2018 playlist. Like I say with these posts, it’s always a work in progress so I can try to update this in a few weeks once the playlist gets longer. It’s hard to get inspired and discover new music when it’s gloomy outside (Chicago has had pretty chilly weather over the last few days) but I know this playlist will continue to grow once we have long-term sunshine.

I’ve been really busy with work and hope to get my Taylor Swift review up soon. I have a few shows coming up so we’ll see how I end up formatting my reviews. Keep an eye out!

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A Guide To Chicago’s Summer Music Festivals

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Summer is right around the corner – despite the fact that we’ve had gloomy, chilly weather for months and shows no signs of slowing down. I’m getting excited for the sunshine with a post featuring some of the best Chicago music festivals happening this year: it’s truly amazing how many there are and how cheap (or free) a lot of them are! I haven’t been to all of these festivals: just about half, I’d say, and I’m excited to check more out this year.

Below are eight different festivals you should check out (eight for 2018) including lineup highlights and pricing information. Enjoy!

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